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Lilium asiatic TRIBAL DANCE


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In the garden, ‘Tribal Dance’ is about as wild as they come, even for Asiatics. We have seen a great many variations on a theme in the breeding of Asiatics, but ‘Tribal Dance’ brings a look that is totally new and unique to your garden for all to enjoy.

The question is where to start in trying to describe this lily so we have selected the petal tips as a starting point and will work in from there. The tips of this lily are a soft campaign pink with just a touch of rose thrown in and they blend to a canary yellow as you move towards the center. Next comes the deep maroon-purple inner petals that are highlighted with a frosty lavender toned nectary that are surrounded with a color of red we can’t describe. ‘Tribal Dance’ is one unique lily. Topping 7,5cm out at about , expect 45 to 60 cm the first year of planting while settling in. The May flowering Asiatic has no fragrance.