Dear customers,

The delivery fee in theEstonia from the 4 euro will be displayed to the buyer when ordering
Shipping to Finnish Itella parcel machines 15 euro will be displayed to the buyer when ordering.
Shipping to Latvian Omniva parcel machines 7.90 euro will be shown to the buyer when ordering.

  • orders are accepted up to 1 of February 2022
  • ordered plants will be dispatched in March / Juny by air mail;
  • the prises in catalog are for plants of flowering or near flowering size. In case of smaller size the number of plants is increased;
  • the most of our plants have collectional position and are grown in small quantities, but some are propagated already and we can offer them in commercial numbers.
  • postage of parcels less 2kg costs 12-16 EUR (for countries of EU) 
  • postage of parcels over 2 kg will be charged at real cost;
  • sorry, but we dispatch only fully prepaid orders;

Payment by:
personal cheque or money order sent directly to e-shop;

Legal base Parties rights and duties are regulated by debt right law, consumer protection law and e-shop rules.

Order realization

  • Choose suitable good(s) and add it to basket.
  • Press „Basket” to see basket content.
  • Press „Open basket” and „Next”, to make your order.
  • On the „Order” page choose „courier” – it will be added 10-22 EUR to goods cost
  • Fill „Customer data” questionnaire.
  • Choose „Send”, to send order confirmation at your mail. If you would like to receive invoice by fax, e-mail (PDF) or usual mail, make a mark in „Customer data” „Comment” field.
  • You will get automatic order confirmation/prepay invoice at your e-mail address..
  • As soon as possible you will get e-mail message with estimated delivery time.
  • Make bank transfer based on invoice.
  • We’ll send goods as soon as possible.
  • Original invoice will be delivered with goods; goods are delivered by ELS or HRX.

Delivery time
Ordered goods are being delivered during 30 business days after bank transfer.

Market territory
E-shop offers services within Republic of Estonia and countries of European Union.

Goods return
You have a right to return goods and get 100% of price (including transportation fee), if goods are not suitable to you for any reasons.

All personal data received during e-shop visit and purchase realization are confidential.

E-shop is not responsible for partial or full contract non-fulfilment, if it caused by force-major. E-shop is not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused to Client. Possible size of amends to Client can not be bigger than purchased goods price.

Settlement of disputes
All arising disagreements settlement will be based on provided complaints. In case of impossibility of agreement reaching, the dispute should be adjudged in court at respondent’s residence. Parties should communicate in written form.

Always wishing for pleasant co-operation,
Your e-shop