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Oriental hybrid CASA BLANCA


  • The package includes 2 bulbs 16/18
  • Height of growth: 100–120 cm
  • Florescence: July–August
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade

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Up to 10 star-shaped, wide-open flowers 25 cm in diameter. The tips of the petals are turned back, the edges are ruffled. Orange stamens.

A classic white lily with abundant flowers and a strong scent. One of the most beautiful and hardy white lilies. A well-known variety.

Prefers a sunny location, but also grows well in semi-shade. Plant in the spring or autumn in a humus-rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Fertilise in the spring with nitrogen fertiliser. Reproduces quickly, should be divided every 2–3 years.