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Rose pink flowers with some spotting towards the centre of the flower. Asiatic and L.A. Liliums are easy to grow, bulbs with long lasting flowers. The flowers of Asiatic Liliums face outward as the blooms of L.A. Liliums. Asiatics and L.A lilies are sensational for creating blocks of solid colour in the garden. L.A. Liliums are a cross between Longiflorum or Christmas or Trumpet Lilies and Asiatic Lilies. The means the blooms colourful with a more trumpet shape and have a slight fragrance. Asiatic Liliums do not have a fragrance so are perfect for gardeners after colour but no heady aroma L.A. and Asiatic Liliums grow best in a full sun to part shade position and should be kept moist during growth. Add fertiliser each spring and summer to keep the flowers blooming at their best. Liliums are best left in the ground to naturalise, as they establish they will produce more and more flowers every year. Asiatic and L.A. Liliums grow 50-120cm tall and 30cm wide. The more established they are the taller the blooms will be.