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his splendid Orienpet Lily is one of the newer varieties in Lily breeding and offers huge (almost 30cm across) trumpets of creamy yellow. Strong, thick stems support the massive blooms.

Orienpets (a hybrid of Oriental and Trumpet Lilies) combine the best features of both groups — fragrance, large flowers, and sturdy garden performance — but bloom about two weeks earlier thanT most Orientals. The advantage is an almost continuous sequence of Lily blooms, if you start with Asiatic varieties, then follow with Trumpets, Orienpets, and Orientals.

Plant Lilies in well-drained soil where they will receive six to eight hours of sun a day. When cutting the flowers for bouquets, remove no more than 1/3 of the stem. This provides sufficient leaves on the remaining stem to renew the bulb for the coming year.

For more information on Lily care, click on Growing Guide.