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Fragrant begonia PINK


  • 2 bulbs per package, bulb size 20/24
  • Round, semi-hanging 30–40 cm
  • Ideal for baskets, containers, hanging plots, blooms until frost

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Flowers that bloom all summer. Non-stop delights for your garden, balcony, and terrace

Tuberous begonia Odorata PINK – a group of varieties with a strong fragrance. Leaves dark green/multicoloured. As it tolerates shade well, it can be grown in cemeteries.
Tuberous begonias also neutralise the bad energy that arises from arguments between people who are close to each other, mitigate conflicts, reduce stress and tension (which are not only caused by words but also exist subconsciously), and protect the house from external vibes.
One of the hardiest summer flowers, tolerates both rain and drought. Flowers abundantly until night frosts.

If you want to preserve your begonias, move them indoors before night frosts arrive. This is easy to do if you grow them in a pot or hanging pot. Bring the plants indoors to a bright place, reduce watering, and allow the leaves to dry. After two or three weeks, remove the tubers from the soil and store them until next spring. If the begonias grow in a bed, dig up the plants with some soil. Remove the leaves, but leave about 10 cm of stem. Once the soil has dried, clean the tubers and remove the stems. In winter, keep begonia bulbs dry in a cool room where the temperature does not drop below +5 °C. In early spring, place the tubers in a pot on moist soil with the hollow side up. Keep the pots in a warm place at +16–18 °C, barely moist, until small pink buds emerge. Once the first leaves appear, start watering more. Plants can be planted outside after the risk of night frost has passed. Theoretically, you can also propagate your begonias in early spring by carefully halving the tubers. This can be done when you notice that more than one shoot sprouts from a tuber.