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Double OR lilium SWEET ROSY


  • The package includes 2 bulbs 16/18
  • Height of growth: 80–100 cm
  • Florescence: July–August
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade

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Oriental hybrids i.e. roselilies. The collection includes 4 bulbs of well-known varieties of roselily My Wedding, Magic Star, Soft Music, Sweet Rosy. The flowers have a sweet scent and are up to 20 cm in size. They have no stamens. The strong flower stems grow to 70 cm in the first year, later slightly taller. With its dense flower clusters, it look great as a group in a flower bed and larger vase. Roselilies are easier to grow than the so-called regular Oriental hybrids, they bloom longer, and have larger flowers. It needs fertile, slightly acidic soil with good water permeability and a warm, sunny location to thrive and bloom.