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Allium schubertii


  • Latin name allium schubertii
  • The package includes 1 bulb 22+
  • Height of growth: 1-1,2 m
  • Florescence: May-Juny
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade
  • Delivery time September 2022

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Jaga sõbraga!


Giant-sized flowerheads (to 30cm across), create a starburst-like effect, which tops the compact stems of this ornamental onion in summer. These heads are excellent for adding to both fresh and dried floral arrangements, and look particularly effective when they are sprayed with silver or gold (after being dried) and used as Christmas decorations. Keep in mind that it is quite normal for the strap-shaped foliage to die back before the flowers start to emerge.

  • Garden care: Plant 15cm deep and 35 – 40cm apart so the flowers don’t get over-crowded. Make sure the soil does not get too wet or waterlogged and split and divide large clumps in spring or autumn.