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Asiatic hybrid lily NOVANA


  • Pakendis 1 sibul 12/14
  • Kasvukõrgus: 70-90cm
  • Õitsemise aeg: juuli
  • Kasvukoht päike-poolvari

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White large flowers look up.

Asiatic lilies are hardy lilies that grow easily and can be planted as perennials in public gardens. They are characterised by a very wide range of tones with many shades and bright colours. They usually produce a large number of flowers. Asiatic lilies are not fragrant. Prefers a sunny to semi-shady location. Plant in spring or autumn to a depth of at least 15 cm. They reach their full height by their third year of growth. Neutral humus-rich leaf or peat compost suits well. Cut off the dried flowers and let the stem dry. Fertilise with nitrogen fertiliser from early spring, and with a complex fertiliser when flower buds appear and during blooming.