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Tulip fringed NORTH POLE


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Thanks to the ‘Wakefield and Northern England Tulips Society’, they directed me to this beautiful Tulip. They came to me with the question; do you know a good fringed white Tulip for us? At first, I thought of the Tulip Honeymoon, nice name, but she is more suitable for the production of cut flowers in the greenhouses. In the garden Honeymoon is too brittle and tender to stand up to the harsh weather. But when I asked Eric Breed he immediately responded North Pole, a great Tulip for the garden. I also have her in my collection, strong, sturdy and very good looking. You can come over to have a look. Eric was right, North Pole is a phenomenal Tulip with a crisp white colour that perfectly stand out against het dark foliage. She is a solid Tulip with a somewhat beefy character but her fine flowers on the other side are poured over with so much tenderness and grace that it is almost hard to believe that she is such a long lasting Tulip. The Wakefield and Northern England Tulip Society was also very fond of her, they ordered her again.
Height 50cm
Flowering time May