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Trillium luteum


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This mid- to late-spring bloomer bears yellow blossoms atop a trio of leaves often mottled with a paler shade of silvery-green. It is faintly fragrant of lemon oil, and grows to about 14 inches tall.
Noteworthy characteristics: Most trilliums are native to woodlands and scrub of North America. Groups of them make an elegant understory planting in a woodland or shady naturalized area. Trilliums go dormant in summer, so plant them with other shade-loving perennials to share their place until they reappear the following spring. 
Care: Provide rich, moist, but well-drained soil with a neutral to acidic pH. Plant in full to part shade. Mulch annually with rich organic matter.
Propagation: Trilliums propagate readily by division when plants are dormant in late summer or early fall.
Problems: Smut, rust, fungal spots, slugs, snails