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New plant varieties are always exciting, but our splendid new double Tulip ‘Amazing Grace’ is absolutely spectacular. Creating a new variety such as this takes many years of patience, not only in breeding a plant variety that will have even the most blasé gardener sitting up and taking note, but also in bulking up numbers so that there is sufficient stock to be sold. The huge blooms with their layers on layers of petals are already a major plus point, but it is this flower’s colour-changing performance that makes it most worthy of its name.

As the petals of Tulip ‘Amazing Grace’ open, they are lavender pink with artistic touches of fresh green, but as the sun kisses each bloom, it transforms to rich, dark pink. If you love this tulip’s performance as much as we do, you should also look at Amazing Grace’s sister, double Tulip ‘Copper Image’. This plant is a true rarity, so we can only offer a limited quantity of bulbs for sale. Be the first to get them; you will certainly be amazed!