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OT hybrid lily LADY ALICE


  • The package includes 3 bulbs 14/16
  • Height of growth: 120–150 (180) cm
  •  The blooming season can be 2–3 months. July–September
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade

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In other sources, this variety has also been called Henry’s Lily (lilium henryi), Japanese lily (lilium speciosum), and other names. In recent years, however, various gardeners and cultivators in Europe and the USA have grouped it with the OT hybrid lilies variety. Mid-sized multicoloured flowers with a diameter of 13–17 cm.  The flowers are downward-facing. Striking combination of colours and shape of the flower. Has a delicate and pleasant scent. Prefers a semi-shaded place for growing. Plant in spring or autumn to a depth of at least 15 cm. Neutral and deep leaf or peat compost soil rich in humus is best. Cut off the dried flowers and let the stalk dry. Fertilise with nitrogen fertiliser from early spring, and with a complex fertiliser when flower buds appear and during blooming.