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Lily of the valley


  • 3 plants per package
  • Height of growth: 30–50 cm
  • Blooms in: May–June
  • Place of growth: shady

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Lily of the valley is a perennial plant with a strong rhizome that spreads wide. The stalk is unbranched, the lower part of the stalk is upright. The leaves are dark green and alternate in two rows. In May–June, hanging flowers resembling a bellflower blossom. In autumn, the quite large poisonous bluish-black berries become ripe. Lily of the valley is a hardy perennial. The plant expands as the underground rhizome extends and new shoots emerge from the rhizome pips in spring. Lily of the valley is at its most beautiful when it grows over a large area. Wild lily of the valley and the even common, although smaller, scented Solomon’s seal have been crossed and their hybrid, the Soloman’s seal is grown in shadier areas of the garden. Like many hybrids, the latter is larger than its parent species. Lily of the valley prefers a semi-shady and shady habitat. Soil should be moist and have a medium or high nutrient content and lime should be added to it.