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Hippeastrum DOUBLE DREAM


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Double magenta pink petals with white tips and petal reverse. A very pretty and full flower.

Double Hippeastrums are the triumphant result of years of intensive hybridising, offering two or three times the petals of the single varieties. With all the hard work done in the breeding, these bulbs are quite effortless to grow.

Double Hippeastrums are extroverts; their large, eye catching flowers open on tall, straight stems to oohs and aahs in summer. They last well in the garden, or pots and also cut for indoor displays.

In pots, they can be moved to centre stage when in bloom, and hidden behind the shed in winter dormancy.

Double Hippeastrums grow best in humus rich, moist, well drained soils. Though well drained is the most important factor. Hippeastrum grow Australia wide, they are semi evergreen and will go dormant in cool climates, where they should be protected from frosts.