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Giant Himalayan lily (Cardiocrinum giganteum)


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Bulbs of Lithuanian origin.

The tall (up to 4 m) thick hollow stalks of the exotic trumpet lilies have leaves along their entire length. White or greenish white funnel-shaped leaves form clusters at the tip of the stalk. The plant is hapaxanthic, i.e. the female bulb dies after blooming. The life of the plant continues from the daughter bulbs, which usually bloom after 3–4 years. Blooms for about 3 weeks in July-August. The flowers are 15–20 cm long.

The bulb is planted in a shady area with well-drained soil. Plant so that the top of the bulb is almost even with the ground. Because the leaves are so lush, water evaporates easily and the plants need to be watered in a dry summer. In winter, the plants are covered with a thick layer of leaves with plastic or roofing felt laid on top.