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Double late tulip ICE CREAM


  • The package includes 6 bulbs 10/11
  • Height of growth: 25 cm
  • Florescence: May
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade
  • Delivery time September 2022

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The blossoms of Double Late Tulips have so many petals that their other name is Peony Tulips. The blossoms are extremely large; when fully open they can be as much as 4 inches (10 cm) across.

As well, the flowers bloom late and are very long lasting, so you may have Double Late Tulips in beautiful condition well into early summer.

There aren’t an extremely large number of varieties in this class. However, there still are quite a few varieties which are both spectacular and easily available. I probably shouldn’t prejudice you, but this is my very favourite class of tulips!

very double white flowers, unusual shaped with a reddish pink glow at the bottom, height 25 cm., bulb size 11/+