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Crocus speciosus


  • Latin name Crocus speciosus 
  • The package includes 10 bulbs 7/8
  • Height of growth: 10 cm
  • Florescence: September
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade
  • Delivery time September 2022

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The Crocus speciosus is a Crocus which always makes me happy. This little flower has been growing in my front yard for years, every year it appears around the end of October with its breath-taking lilac-pink colour which suits the autumn ambience perfectly. It’s the nicest thing, the moment you think the best times for your garden have passed, the crocus speciosus rises from the earth to make us happy for a couple more weeks, it is simply fantastic. To make these bulbs feel at home in your garden, plant them in a spot that is as sunny as possible. If you plant them in a spot with more shade they will grow as well, they will even come back for a few years but after that it is done. Plant them in the full sun, like in my own front yard and you will enjoy this pretty flower for much longer than just a few years. The Crocus speciocus blooms naked. Now don’t worry, with naked I mean without leaves. The flower pops up alone in October. The leaves, like any other Crocus’ leaves, grow in spring. The leaves of this crocus are no reason not to plant them, they have a fine structure and a rather elegant look. Don’t wait too long if you want to buy this crocus because I stop selling them when the sprouts start getting out of the bulbs too far, around the middle of October.