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Kohe saadaval - kiire tarne!



  • 1 bulb with premium quality
  • Height of growth: 30–60 cm
  • Growing season: March–August
  • Place of growth: exposed to the sun, full of light

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Jaga sõbraga!


Caladiums are sensitive to cold, which is why we grow them indoors and on the terrace. Caladium is a charming, leafy decorative plant. Its natural habitat is in the tropical and subtropical rainforests of Latin America. Due to its magnificent leaves, caladium is also called ‘angel wings’, ‘elephant ears’ and ‘heart of Jesus’. The life cycle of caladium is divided into rest periods and active growth periods. From the end of August, all its shoots will start to dry. Only tubers are stored until March. Young shoots reappear in early spring. Caladium leaves with long fleshy stems grow directly from the tuber. In the wild, the height of the bush can reach 5 m. Houseplants are 40–90 cm tall. The arrow-shaped or heart-shaped leaves have contrasting colours. The leaves are about 30 cm long and 15 cm wide. Caring for a caladium is rather difficult. Although the plant only delights us with its beautiful leaves for a couple of months, it still requires care in the rest period. It needs a light area and regular watering and fertilising. Forms abundant daughter bulbs.