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  • The package includes 6 bulbs 12+
  • Height of growth: 40-50 cm
  • Florescence: May
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade
  • Delivery time September 2022

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Jaga sõbraga!


Tulips with this special shape are called ‘Coronet’ (meaning crown) tulips. The registration committee of the Dutch KAVB has given them their own identity in the International Register of Tulip Names; the Coronet Group. That is great news, because the Coronet tulips really are something else and distinguish themselves very well from other tulips.

They are slowly gaining popularity, and nowadays you see them more and more, usually as spontaneous mutants of existing tulips. White Liberstar is a mutant from the snowy white tulip Inzell. When a mutation like this one appears, a mutation from a regular tulip into a Coronet tulip, and when that regular tulip was also a great cutflower, it is very valuable for the market as the mutation also becomes very chique and graceful when in a vaze and bouquet. White Liberstar is even more special than that, because while tulips meant to be cutflowers aren’t always also suitable garden tulips, White Liberstar does it both.