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Parrot tulips mix


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Despite the name, the parrot tulip is no floral copycat. With its feathery petals and dazzling colors, the parrot tulip speaks a language all its own, boldly proclaiming its individuality from the standard tulip. In fact, parrot tulips are often mistaken for peonies because of their large cup-shaped blooms and ruffled edges. Most varieties are bi-colored, and some also have a delicate fragrance.
Parrot tulips open their frilly petals in mid to late spring after most other tulips have bloomed and faded, extending the color show. Their huge blooms span up to 10cm across, with streaks of color shooting through the petals like brilliant flames. Tall, elegant stems give parrot tulips a statuesque posture that make them a standout in the garden and a striking addition to floral arrangements.