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Oriental Lily NYMPH/Puulilja


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Lily Nymph has champagne coloured blooms with eye-catching deep red flashes. Simply plant the bulbs in a sunny or part-shaded spot at the back of the border, against walls and fences, or in large pots for the patio, and let them look after themselves. Their sturdy stalks are almost 5cm (2") thick, so they don’t need supporting and the foliage remains lush all season. It couldn’t be easier! This also has the unique ability to produce many offshoots from a single bulb and take on a shrub-like appearance over the years.
In your garden border, or pots, plant the bulbs at a minimum of 10cm to a maximum of 16-18cm deep. This will provide a good layer of insulation and prevent the bulbs from freezing. The bulbs may sprout, but stem growth will be very limited due to low soil temperatures

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