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Large flowering gladiolus JESTER


  • The offer is valid until 31.03.2023
  • Delivery time in March 2023
  • The package includes 8 bulbs 8+
  • Height of growth: 90-100cm
  • Florescence: July–October
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade

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A vibrant mixture of our favourite exhibition Gladioli varieties. Our mix will provide you with a rainbow of colour at excellent value, with the added joy of not knowing what to expect until July, when they flower into magnificent 10-12cm blooms.Traditionally tall and full flowering, our exhibition Gladioli prefer well-drained soil and a sunny location. At Parkers we recommend planting Gladioli in groups at monthly intervals, starting early spring, to extend the flowering season for ashowcase that lasts all summer long. Try planting in clumps rather than lines, for brilliant displays of colour.  Flowers July to September. Height 1-1.2m.