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Giant Himalayan lily


1 bulb The tall (up to 4 m) thick hollow stalks of the exotic Himalayan lilies have leaves along their entire length. White or greenish white funnel-shaped leaves form clusters at the tip of the stalk. The plant is hapaxanthic, i.e. the female bulb dies after blooming. The life of the plant continues from the daughter bulbs, which usually bloom after 3–4 years. Blooms for about 3 weeks in July-August. The flowers are 15–20 cm long. The bulb is planted in a shady area with permeable soil. Plant so that the top of the bulb is almost even with the ground. Because the leaves are so lush, water evaporates easily and the plants need to be watered in a dry summer. In winter, the plants are covered with a thick layer of leaves and plastic or roofing felt is laid on top.

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This is the largest of the genus reaching up to 4m high according to literature. We have seen these to around 3m high or so, and this is still very impressive. The heart shaped leaves are a bright glossy green in colour and up to 40 cms long or so. These tend to be clustered at the lower part of the stem with a few smaller leaves up the stem. The flower is quite large at around six inches long and 10 cms wide at the mouth. The colour is creamy white with the two lower petals marked deep red on the inner surface. A strong scent is evident in cooler conditions. From seed with good roots, never buy dry bulbs!