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Fountain grass


Package includes 1 bare-root plant

  • Height of growth:80 cm
  • Florescence:VIII-X
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade

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Originates from East Asia, Australia. Grows in fresh grassland soils. A perennial decorative grass forming bunches that belongs in the grass (Poaceae) family. Beautiful thanks to its long delicate flowers. Only choose the best varieties for the garden, not the sub-varieties. Forms a wide bunch that is 40–100 cm high. Leaves are narrow, linear, and green, golden yellow in autumn. The colour of the flowers ranges from pale brown to reddish brown. The flowers are tiny, dense and puffed up, located at the top of an upright or curved stalk. Blooms in August–September The Chinese fountain grass is not as delicate as the other varieties and can be kept outside in Estonia in the winter, provided that is covered with leaves or spruce branches.