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Ferraria crispa


  • The package includes 2 bulbs
  • Height of growth: 40 cm
  • Florescence: June
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun

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  • This Ferraria is a standout, exotic, and easy to grow spring-flowering bulb reminiscent of a beautiful sea creature from a coral reef. The ‘starfish lily’ has thick, fleshy, sword-like leaves which emerge in autumn, but it is the ruffled, speckled blooms of cream, brown and yellow, borne on 40cm stems, which are the main attraction. Planted out in a sheltered, frost-free location, such as a raised rockery in full sun, conservatory or glasshouse, this fascinating member of the Iris family will multiply from year. A real botanical curiosity!
  • Garden care: Ferraria prefers a sunny position during the winter months to allow the flower to develop. Plant your bulbs and grow on in warm, frost-free conditions, planting out after risk of heavy frost has passed or planting in pots for a conservatory or sheltered spot in the garden. Occasional light feeding during the growing season is recommended but keep bulbs dry during the dormant, summer months. This plant will multiply and can be divided and replanted at the end of summer.