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Darwin Hybrid Tulip Blushing Apeldoorn

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  • The package includes 5 bulbs 10/11
  • Height of growth: 40-50 cm
  • Florescence: April-May
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade
  • Delivery time September 2022

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With the bright good looks of a juicy summer peach, Blushing Apeldoorn is a wonderful perennial garden addition for spring. This Darwin Hybrid features rich yellow petals with soft red edging and a generous blush of tangerine orange. With such an unusual color palette, it creates an eye-catching display no matter where it is planted. For best effect, we suggest planting Blushing Apeldoorn alongside single-hued red varieties or a combo of red and yellow blooms with contrasting flames. The sturdy stems keep the well-formed tulips from drooping during spring weather, when heavy rain and strong wind tend to topple lesser flowers. Plant in full sun to part shade for best results.