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Dahlia SISA

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  • 1 tuberous root
  • The gorgeous beauty dahlia, also known as the Valley Flower.
  • Height 40-50 cm
  • Blooms from July to October.

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The Sisa dahlia is a charming ornamental dahlia that produces light yellow flowers. Its compact double blossoms look as if they were woven of satin ribbon. The low growing, 40 to 50 centimetre tall tufts bear plenty of golden flowers from mid-Summer to late autumn. These flowers are semi-spherical and measure from 8 to 10 centimetres in diameter. Thanks to its compact size, the Sisa dahlia is well suited for growing in planters that decorate a balcony, terrace, stairs, or a patio. It looks terrific on a flower bed combined with perennials and other dahlia varieties that reach similar height. All dahlias make great cut flowers. They live for about 10 days in the vase, the reason why they are so popular among florists.