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Chinese silver grass RED CHIEF

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Package includes 1 bare-root plant

  • Height of growth:  120–200 cm
  • Florescence: July–August
  • Growing area: exposed to the sun / semi-shade

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Miscanthus sinensis Tall bunch grass Inflorescences have decorative silver tones. Do not cut the stems before winter, as the water that gets into the hollow stems makes the plants sensitive to cold. The plants are trimmed in spring before they begin to grow. A warm, dry cover is required in the winter. Prefers a sunny and warm place with fertile soil. Belongs in the grass family. Seed between January and April at room temperature and at a depth of 0.5 cm. Germination can take 28–42 days. If germination has not occurred by this time, place the seed container in the refrigerator for two weeks and take it out again after this time. When first real leaves emerge, picket the seedlings into separate small pots. Plant them into their permanent place of growth when there is no more threat of night frost. The plant begins to grow late in the spring, so make sure to not pluck it accidentally, thinking it is dead!