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Caladium ROSEBUD

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  • 1 jumbo root
  • Foliage color red/green
  • Height 40+ cm

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Caladium ‘Rosebud’ has wine-red leaves with dark green margins.

Caladiums are tropical Perennials, native to the Amazon jungles of South America. Caladiums are grown for their showy colorful long-lasting leaves and have proven to be excellent bedding plants. Also great for pots, indoors or outdoors. Fancy Leaved Caladiums are tall with large, heart shaped leaves.

Caladiums are extremely easy to grow in moist, well-drained soil. These shade loving but sun tolerant plants thrive in heat and humidity. Soil temperature needs to be 21°C or higher when planting. For a bushier plant (shorter and with more leaves) remove the main bud, this is called de-eying. After planting, it could take 3-6 weeks for the leaves to emerge. In the Fall before the first frost, dig up the tubers including the leaves. Place them in the sun for several days. Store in mesh or paper bags between 18-12°C