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Bell tree dahlia


  • 1 tuberous root
  • Height 3–4 m
  • Blooms abundantly from July until night frosts.

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Dahlia imperialis
A variety that grows to 3–4 metres tall.
As always with all dahlias, when choosing a place for them, keep in mind that the tuberous root is sensitive to cold, meaning that an area exposed to the sun and protected from wind and night frosts in late spring and early autumn is best. Needs support in a windy, open area.
Flowers are pink, 7–8 cm in diameter. Blooms abundantly from July until night frosts.
Dahlias are perennial, but sensitive to cold and cannot be left outside in the winter in Estonia. Once night frosts persist, the roots should be dug up and dried. After drying, keep the roots in a room that is not be too warm and dry. Keeping the roots in moist sterile peat is best in the winter.